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Congratulations New Business Owner!
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You must have a stamped FBN statement form
the County recorders office in order to publish.
  or Email YourLegal Document to:
Name Changes * Probates * Summons *
Bulk Sales
* Lien Sales * Trustee Sales
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Some of Our Legal Publishing Services Include;
The first publication of the FBN / DBA statement must appear in the newspaper within 30 days from the filing date
or it becomes obsolete and must be refiled again with another filing fee charge from the County Recorder's Office.
Submitting Your Fictitious Business Name Statement For Publishing:

Once you have filed your Fictitious Business Name and paid the necessary fees to the County in your area, you have one more task to complete before you start doing business under your new business name.

Your County requires you to have your Fictitious Business Name statement published in an legally adjudicated newspaper, approved in the county where you filed it. Valleywide Newspapers are legally adjudicated newspapers of general circulation for Los Ageles and San Bernardino counties.     
We Also Publish Other Legal Documents: Abandonment, Withdrawals, Summons, Citations, Orders to Show Cause (Name Changes), Notices of Default, Probate Notices, Notices of Sale of Real Property, Dissolutions of Partnership, Bulk Sales, Notices of Annual Report. Call for Additional Services
Publishing your FBN / DBA statement is simple:

Just fax it, upload it or email a copy of your completed stamped statement. 

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Your Fictitious Business Name will now be published once a week for four consecutive weeks. After your FBN/DBA has been published for the required period, Valleywide Newspapers will mail you your affidavit called a Proof of Publication that is now filed with county clerk in your area to show that your publication has been completed.
After publishing is complete, your Fictitious Business
Name will be active for five years, before it must be renewed.
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